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Again, two weeks passed and I greet you at my fourth blog.

October starts and the weather gets worse. Days are increasingly shorter and colder. My stay in Ireland approaches to its half. I don’t believe how that time is going so fast. It is passing faster than I thought!

At school we are getting more homework and writing many tests and I have less free time.

School is not so difficult but still I feel difference that I don’t study in my native language.

But these two weeks were probably the most challenging as a reason of finishing many subjects’ first capitols.



So, we were writing a lot of tests. From home I was getting many homework because teachers wanted to prepare us for tests.

These two weeks I spent most of my time with books sine I must study like a normal student.

The most onerous subject was business, because we got more than sixty pages from textbook for studying. There are a lot of definitions, laws and examples so it was a lot of stuff for learn.

I wrote a test last Wednesday but still I don’t know what will I get. Another test which I wrote was from history of art. It was simpler and I got 67 points from 100. I think it’s quite a good result.


Another test was from geography which is honestly a fascinating subject. Theme was plate boundaries which is not so uncomplicated when you don’t have good English. I got 51% but, in my class were students who got less percentages than me.

Last week I met my advisor from HSI. As a matter of fact, it’s a man or a woman who is from High School International. He or she will meet with you few times for year when you are in Ireland or elsewhere. If you need something or you have problem, he is able to resolve it. We had a deal that we will meet on Wednesday at the school.

We talked about fifteen minutes about school, subjects, friends and trips. It was a nice meeting.

Last Friday I had soccer training because we had had a friendly match versus Dungarvan on Saturday. But the match was canceled as a reason of the weather being really awful.


Now I know a lot of people from school or town so every weekend I have something what to do. Two weeks ago, my friends from Spain and I made trip to Dungarvan.

We went there on Friday and the weather was brilliant. The bus went from Lismore and the journey lasted like half hour. We needed some stuff for school so we stopped in a shopping center. After we went to restaurant for dinner.

After we saw the town, we went to the bus stop at half past ten. We didn’t catch the last bus so we were waiting for my host mum who took us home. It was quite a good trip.

Last Saturday me and my friends from school were in town at night and it was cold so we went to a restaurant and we were watching football. So, these two weeks were challenging but they were full of experiences.

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