Benefits of Hosting International Students

Why should you become a host family? Welcoming international students into your home can be a hugely positive experience for both the students and the hosts.

Our host families tell us that they love hosting HSI students because:

  • our students teach our hosts and their families about new cultures and languages.
  • our students add something special to the home environment.
  • they can remain life-long friends with the students they host.
Host father helps students with school work

Who can be a Host?

Excellent host families come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re interested in hosting international students and you fit the following criteria, we would like to hear from you.

  • You have a spare room in your house (single/private).
  • You can provide space for a student to study away from excessive noise or distraction.
  • You are excited by the prospect of learning about new cultures and countries.
  • You and your family’s lifestyle can accommodate the needs and demands of a young person.

If you think that you could provide a safe and supportive living environment for a young international student, then please get in touch with us today.

Safeguarding and Student Welfare

As we are responsible and professional guardians, and as a part of our accreditation by AEGIS (UK) and AGPI (Ireland), we require that all our host families:

  • provide the relevant police background checks for each adult member of the family who regularly spends the night at the family home.
  • provide two personal references for the lead host parent.
  • provide a copy of a valid gas safety certificate.
  • are visited by a member of the HSI Student Advisor team prior to hosting.

Take a look at our accreditation’s here…


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boy eating with his host family