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Hello this is Asako’s 4th blog!!


Recently, the weather has become really cold and daytime is getting shorter and shorter. I must wear coat and gloves when I go out now. I prefer summer especially in England, because it’s not too hot and the daytime is quite long, it makes me feel exited! But in winter, we also have a lot of things to do, like winter sport and Christmas event! So, I’m also looking forward to winter.


In October, we had half term break. I stayed with my host family where I stayed last year as well, so I felt nostalgic. I met their daughter who is 2 years old. My image of her was a little baby but she wasn’t a baby anymore this time. I was surprised how quickly she had been grown up, because when I first met her, she couldn’t speak properly but she can speak fluently and even go to the toilet alone now!


I often hung out with my friends during the break. We went to Southampton one day to see my friends. And we ate Asian food there. That was the first time to eat Asian food for one of my friends. So, when we were boiling vegetables, she asked us if we were making salad. I think Asian food won’t be her favourite food, but she has practiced using chopsticks now and she is very promising! The most recent thing which she ate with chopsticks was grapes. How she struggled with eating grapes was so amusing, but she mastered them eventually.

I played another badminton match again on 16th of November. The strings of my racket were cut during the match, I was a bit rattled, but I played all 3 matches. I lost the last game in my league, but I think I did my best.

I have badminton training every Friday. Sometimes it’s tough for me because my coach plays two to one almost all the time. but I have a lot of fun in these sessions, as I can learn something new.


I had hotpot on Friday evening with my friends. I love eating hotpot especially in winter to make my body warm. The type of hotpot we ate was Chinese style so it was quite similar to Japanese style. We put a variety of things in the hotpot like vegetables, meat, fish, noodles and so on. Eating hotpot reminds me of my home and I can’t wait to eat my mum’s cooking again.

The studying is getting harder now..

We often have tests and we have a lot of homework every week. And we have lesson about EPQ. It stands for Extended Project Qualification. In this lesson, we have to research and do a lot of presentations. When I do presentations, I’m really nervous and I forget what I was planning to say, so EPQ is quite a hard subject for me. And I need more practice for presentations.

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