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Declan Millar founds ETE – Education Through English – in Ireland.  ETE was the first high school programmes offered in Ireland.


ETE offers its first summer group programmes in Dublin and later in a boarding school west of Dublin.


ETE is sold to Study Group and becomes part of the World High Schools Division of Study Group. As part of Study Group, ETE begins operating in the UK.


Declan Millar completes his contract with Study Group and launches HSI in Ireland.


HSI Ireland is joined by HSI UK – the old Study Group ETE in the UK.


HSI links up with CCI Greenheart in the US and with CISS/MLI in Canada.


HSI links up with ISES in the US and Declan Millar becomes a partner in ISES.


HSI establishes an Australian company, High Schools International Australia.


HSI joins ISES and INTO in establishing Regional Offices in Korea and China.


HSI decides to close the Australian company to focus on the UK, Ireland and the US.


HSI acquires Dublin Cultural Institute, an adult English centre in Dublin city centre.


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Front view of a UK private boarding school in England
Front view of a UK private boarding school in England
Traditional irish boarding school

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