“There is no doubt that the level of service provided by the High Schools International Student Advisors is some of the best I have experienced in the industry.”

– AEGIS re-accreditation report 2017

We take guardianship seriously

We are fully accredited by the highest possible bodies in both the UK and Ireland.

International study can be a daunting prospect for both students and parents. As a result, this is why guardianship is so important, and we’re proud to say that we do it well. So well in fact, High Schools International has been a member of AEGIS for nearly a decade, and is a founding member of the Association of Guardianship Providers in Ireland (AGPI).

Therefore, by choosing guardianship through HSI, you can be certain of the highest level of care.

“This is a Guardianship Organisation who truly understand the needs of international students and their parents”

– AEGIS re-accreditation report 2017


Industry Leaders in Child Welfare in the United Kingdom

HSI has been an accredited member of AEGIS since 2009. So, as an ongoing condition of our membership to this association, we are subject to periodical inspections of our services and procedures.

We are pleased to announce that following our most recent inspection, we have been recommended for re-accreditation. The following quotes are excerpts from their report (14th – 17th March 2017):

AEGIS accreditations
“The team of homestay families provide an excellent service and they too benefit from the personal contact with their local student advisor as well as the Brighton office staff.” – AEGIS re-accreditation report 2017
“There was also a lot of evidence from the inspection, that the student advisors often went above and beyond what would normally be expected.” – AEGIS re-accreditation report 2017
“It is also clear that High Schools International staff invest a great deal of time in visiting and speaking with students and parents and ensuring they offer whatever help and guidance is needed.” – AEGIS re-accreditation report 2017
“High Schools International embodies all that AEGIS stands for” – AEGIS re-accreditation report 2017


Setting the Standards for Child Safety in Ireland

Here at High Schools International we are proud to be leading the way in child welfare in Ireland. As one of the founding members of the Association of Guardianship Providers Ireland (AGPI) we are setting the benchmark for organisations seeking accreditation from this new nationwide scheme.

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AGPI accreditations

HSI Guardians

Professional, Reliable, Safe.

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