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This is my penultimate blog, number seven, about my experience from studying abroad.

When I’m writing this blog it’s exactly one month to my departure from Dublin.

This is my last month in Ireland and I look forward to home. This is my last month here so I’m trying to fully utilize. Everyday I try to do something, whether do sports, work out or be with friends. When I have free time, I look for Christmas gifts for my parents, brothers and friends.

I have to do it now because Christmas is coming…

Last week was really cold about 3 degrees. A Hill which is near to my house was covered by snow. Following week became warm and was raining a lot. It was 8 degrees and rained every day. A river which flows with in a town was very swollen.



We now have a lot of work at school and it’s quite difficult. We are studying Shakespeare, king Lear in my English class.

It’s a complicated text because it is written in different English. In the book is showing the old English language which, my classmates don’t understand and for me it’s much more problematic than for them.

We are analyzing the writing and it is the most difficult thing what I’m doing at school.

My English teacher is helping me so much but still it isn’t easy.

I had a meeting with Carma from HSI this week. It was our penultimate meeting before Christmas so we were talking about school, grades, Christmas tests and about my two trips when I was I Dublin.

I was in Dublin two weekends in sequence because there I had very good friends. Two weeks ago, my friend from Slovakia was in Dublin. I have never been in Dublin so I went there. I was not at school on Friday because I was travelling from my town to Dublin. The journey took 4 hours.

When I arrived, I was waiting half an hour for my friend Michael because his flight was late. We met in the city centre. We were in the city until 11 o’clock. We were walking around the city and watching the monuments. After my cousin who lives in Dublin picked us up and we went to sleep because my friend’s flight flew at 8 in the morning. I was with him at the airport, we said goodbye and then I took the bus back to my town. I had a very good time.



The following weekend, I went to Dublin again because another group of friends from Slovakia came to Ireland to see Dublin.

They came to Dublin for the whole week so we booked a hotel in centre. I traveled again on Friday. When I arrived, they were waiting for me in our hotel. We had two rooms for four people.  I was so happy as I haven’t seen them in three months.

After we went to a restaurant and we tried Cottage pie which is traditional Irish food and there is beef, potatoes and vegetables.  Later we were in the city until 12 o’clock.


On Saturday we went to Howth what is a peninsula where the coastline is beautiful. It was amazing because the weather was good and a view was gorgeous.

After we went to the centre and we went to watch soccer because Slovakia played versus Croatia.

The next day we went early to the airport because my friends flight had flown at 7 am. We said goodbye and I took the same bus to my town like last time.

These two weekends were just wonderful and I’m so glad that I have friends who are obliging to come to Dublin and see me.

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