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Today is Sunday 20th October and I’ve been in Ireland exactly for two months and before me it’s another two months which are my last in Ireland.

This is my fifth blog from eight. Time is passing so much faster and I don’t feel that I’ve been here over two months. Two weeks passed fast like water and I’m here again in order to tell you about my new experience which I experienced during these two weeks. they were quite common.

Last Thursday was non uniform day and students could wear normal clothes but I forgot that we have non uniform day and I was single person at the school with uniform.

My friends had great fun from that and me too…


One thing what is different it is that I’m meeting lots of new people whether from the school or outside school.

It is really cool because when I am in the town I all the time meet someone and even if we don’t know each other very well, we have always something in common.

This Friday I went from the gym to home and on the bus stop, I met two guys who are in sixth year. They were waiting for a bus to Dungarvan.

We were talking about 20 minutes while their bus came. After I went 200 meters and I met another group of people in the park. They were friends from the school and I was with them until 10 o’clock. I like to live here because now I have in the town lots of friends and that’s great.


Days are shorter and there is less light and because of that we have soccer training at artificial field with artificial lights. It’s super because we don’t play soccer in the darkness like last two Thursdays because we played soccer in normal field where are no lights.

Soccer season starts in two weeks. as we have soccer training only on Thursday, I have a lot of free time so I bought a member ship to the gym in my town. I go there all the time after school, at least four times per week.

The gym is small but most of the time is empty and I am there alone and I’m there usually one hour plus every Saturday morning I go for run when it is good weather.

I live in a country outside the town so I have very good opportunity go for run because here are not many cars. So, I love running here.


Two weeks ago, we were at an Irish wedding. My host mum’s son got married. It was a huge wedding. On Saturday morning we got up early because  the venue was far away from us.

Around 12 o’clock we were in Wexford and after we went to small town where was a church for wedding. Wedding mass started at 1 o’clock. There were a lot of people. After the mass we went to Wexford where was our hotel. I expected good hotel but when I saw our hotel, I was shocked.

The hotel was much better than I expected. The hotel was near to the sea and it had a gym, a swimming pool and a huge restaurant with a bar. I shared room with German but our room had two beds so that was great.



Around 6 o’clock was wedding feast. The food was amazing. The wedding was so different than in Slovakia.

It was great experience and I don’t know how to describe it. After wedding fest was a disco with some band.

I met there three guys older than me and after that I was all night with them. Next day morning I had breakfast and after that I went to do exercises at the gym. After I took my clothes from my room and I went home because on Monday was school.

The wedding was the greatest experience in Ireland for now and I’m so glad that I could be there!

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