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I greet you again to my eighth blog which is my last blog about my experience from studying abroad.

I have only last week here in Ireland.

I’m slowly preparing from my journey to Slovakia.

I sort my clothes and books, which I will take home and which I’ll throw away.

The next week I going to go to  school only on Wednesday because I will write test from Mathematic and I need give back my books and say goodbye to the teachers.

I’m looking forward to my family and friends in Slovakia and Christmas is very close so I want to spend my Christmas time with my family.

I’m looking forward to my friends but I will miss my friends from Ireland.

I have just one week so I’m trying to fully utilize. My friends and I will go to Cork and on Friday we will have last farewell party. These two weeks were quite difficult. We were getting a lot of homework because the next week are Christmas tests and I was intensely solving my journey to Dublin and after my reports from my teachers because my school needs to see all my grades from subjects which I got during the half year.

On Wednesday I had my last meeting with advisor Carma. We were talking about my journey to Dublin and about my experiences in Ireland and after we said goodbye one last time. I’m very glad that I had advisor like Carma. Every meeting was amazing and if I had some problem, she helped me every time.

My flight back to Slovakia flies 22nd December at evening so I will go from Lismore to Dublin at the same day. On Saturday I will sleep at friend’s house and on Sunday his parents will take me to Dungarvan and after I’ll take bus to an airport.

And now I will summarize my stay and studying in Ireland. I’m extremely glad that I had an opportunity to go study here and be here. My Slovak agency was helping me with everything and for me it was not difficult process to find a school and a host family.

They were working out with High Schools International. Even though they changed my school a few times and the host family too, I’m glad that I was studying in Blackwater Community School.

I met amazing people and now they are my friends and that’s great. I had never problem with anybody in the school or outside the school and I had very good time. I found a lot of friends and I had a good crowd. I spent a lot of my free time with them.

Every Friday and Saturday we were somewhere and that was amazing. We are now very good friends and they want go to visit Slovakia and see me.


So, I met incredible people and I experienced a lot of things. My host family was amazing, sometimes it was not perfect but I’m glad for my host family.

My first weeks were not easy and I had a big problem with my English. I couldn’t talk too much and I didn’t understand too much but every day it was better and better and now I can say that the studying abroad helped me a lot with my English.

I saw a new culture, I experienced a lot of things and I have so many new experiences. I broaden my horizon and I recommend to everyone who has an opportunity to study abroad.

It was an amazing experience and if you want study abroad just try it, you will not regret your decision.

Thanks for reading all my blogs I hope you enjoyed them.

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