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I greet you again at my already sixth blog. I have been here already for twelve weeks and I have just last five weeks left.

It’s less than two months and after that I will go back to Slovakia. Even though I acclimatized to Ireland and I feel almost like home, but my home, Slovakia, is missing increasingly. For the last four weeks when I didn’t write blogs a lot of new things happened whether at school or outside of school.

My English has improved so the school is easier than at the beginning. We had a school trip before Halloween holidays. It was during school so I had small rest from it. We went to a convent where we had a team building. There were 50 of us.

The part of the team building was to ascent a hill near to the convent. It’s quite simple ascent with a fascinating view of the valley. But we didn’t enjoy the view because it was awful weather and we didn’t see anything. Even though the weather was bad I honestly enjoyed the school trip. I met a lot of new people in my year so I think it was excellent.


Following day was Friday, the day before Halloween holidays. The Irish celebrate Halloween ardently, so they decorate their houses, on TV is a lot of Halloween advertising and in schools are many Halloween events.

At my school there is a Halloween event every year that every class decorates their own class door. It’s something like a competition with a price for the most ornate door. This year we were decorating our class door fist two hours and every class tried their best, because the price was four large pizzas.

I was helping my class too because it was amusing. After that we were waiting for a result. My class won the competition, so I was very glad. Our class had following lesson a Halloween party in our classroom. Pizza was excellent, so Friday was quite a good day because I had only 6 lessons out of normal 9.


During the holidays I had something to do every day. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday I had a soccer training because following Saturday we had a soccer match.

The weather during holidays was absolutely wonderful. On Tuesday I was hiking on a hill which is the highest hill in Waterford county. The hill is near my village and it was quite simple hiking. When I was on the peak, I had a very fascinating view.

On Thursday it was Halloween so I slept at my friend’s house. We were in the town for a long time and I saw the first time how Halloween works. I saw a lot of groups of kids in costumes. The kids were everywhere and they were running from house to house.

After that my friend and I went to friend’s house, where he has table soccer, billiard and darts. It was a good time.


On Friday I had a rest because on Saturday I had the soccer match.

On Saturday I got up early because we had a meeting on a soccer pitch at 11 o’clock. We had a proper warm-up and after a coach told us the tactics, the match started at 12 o’clock.

We were playing against Tallow, which is a smaller town than Lismore, where I play. Finally, we won smoothly 5:1.

I enjoyed these weeks but I look forward to a second part of November because my very good friends from Slovakia are going to be in Dublin during the weekend and I’m going to go to Dublin to see them.

I cannot wait…

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