High School Study Abroad Programs

a world of opportunities

The HSI Program

much more than a school placement service

Choosing the right destination

Deciding where to study?

Every High School destination has a separate style and structure to its education. Some students are naturally more suited to one over the others. Let us help you decide which is best for you. 

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World-class guardianship

Why is guardianship so essential?

Professional guardianship should be about more than just a 'status'.  It should be a commitment to, and responsibility for, the care and wellbeing of a student for the duration of their studies.  We think we're pretty good at it, so let us tell you why.

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Benefits of study abroad

Why study overseas?

A High School study abroad program will mean different things to different people but one thing is for certain:  it is a life experience which you will never forget and will change you for the better.

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