English is the language of business, science, IT and the internet around the world. Choosing to embark on a High Schools International program will allow you to completely immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment, to live and think in English. Our global team of professionals are there at every stage of the program to support and guide you. Take a closer look at our site to find the right destination and program for you...

Going abroad to study is a unique opportunity and experience. But it can also be a little scary and most students are uncertain if they will like it, or if they will succeed, and sometimes even if they will survive it!

We are here to take the uncertainty away – to make certain that you enjoy the experience, succeed in your ambitions and become a better person because of the experience. Our business is your success, and our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that you have access to the best that your chosen desintation and its education system have to offer you.

We have been providing opportunities for international students since 1988. We have developed a wealth of expertise and experience in all areas of international study programmes – from classroom excellence to the excellence of our support services.

Our programmes are staffed by professionals in the fields of education, welfare and languages. From our own experience we understand and appreciate the particular needs of International students, and all our programmes are based on this understanding and appreciation.