Category: 2015/16 Yiran L. (China)

Well, this month has past so fast! March ResizedBut it’s been fun!

I finished my work experience, which let me learn a lot. My first job was working at a second hand clothes shop. But it wasn’t that interesting because there were too many volunteers that week, so I had nothing to do. So I tried my best to find another place for my 2nd week’s work experience and luckily, I found it! I went to a Japanese souvenir shop called Cactus. It was a really really beautiful shop. The managers there were also very nice. They taught me a lot about Japanese culture. And I learned how to make an origami. 🙂

They also let me try the kimono on! The kimono was so beautiful. Actually trying the kimono on was kind of like a dream for me. And I never thought that I would get to try it on when living abroad in Ireland doing my work experience! Thank you so much! I’m so glad that I met them and I will continue to try being friends with them. 🙂

After my work experience finished, my Easter break also started and it’s time to back to China again. Well, not so exciting this time. It might be because I have been back to China twice before this term. Anyway, I took the plane from Dublin and spent more than one day travelling back to Beijing. And finally saw my family on the second day’s night.

The first thing I planned to do after I went back to China was to meet my friends. We went out to a game center and had dinner together the whole day. It was great! It made me feel like I had never left.

My neighborhood in China has changed a lot. Seems like it is trying to remind me that the time I wasn’t there. But I don’t feel any pity, because I think I spent my time on the more important things.

Hope you guys had a happy Easter break!