Category: 2015/16 Yiran L. (China)

Studying abroad and learning English in Ireland continues to be an enjoyable and growing experience for Yiran Liu. She has embraced 2016 by starting the year overcoming personal disappointment thanks to the support of her family despite the great distance between them, and Yiran Liu is using her time studying in Ireland to also pursue her dreams while having fun. You can read her account of the last two months below. – HSI.



Well, this month means a lot for me. I came back to Ireland and started my school life again. Everything was great without one thing, my birthday. Normally when I was in China, my birthday was always at the beginning of the winter vacation. And it’s a good time to celebrate it with my friends and family. But this time is quite different. Because now the school’s timetable is completely different with before. So my birthday “changed into” the beginning of the second term. Which means I’m going to “celebrate” my birthday alone in Ireland?

That’s ”good” news!

I was so worried about that for a quite long time. But when that day arrived, I still got a lot of present from my family and friends on the internet. I suddenly realize, it doesn’t matter that where you are and what you are doing. Your family and friends are always with you. And I still went to school normally. Working hard, done everything I need to do. It felt just like a normal day. But I still felt happy even without celebrate it. That also let me understood birthday is just a day that come to tell you that you finished another beautiful year in your life, and you need to fight more in your next beautiful year. In other hand, I also felt that I used my way to say that I’m really grown up now. J

Hey you! Good to see a better you again!



This has been a wonderful month for me again.

I didn’t do any big deal this month, but it doesn’t matter with my good feeling. I’m going to start my work experience at the end of this month. I’m so excited about this work experience. I’m going to work in an Irish cancer society shop, which is selling second hand things. I really want to work at a shop for a long time so I finally got a chance.

I’ve also got a chance to go to IBM for learning IT at April this year from school. I’m so exciting about this. Because I really like IT, and working about IT in the future is also one of my dream job. But it’s hard to find somewhere that teaches IT and it’s also really hard to get a chance to have a look and even study in IBM, without working there. I really want to gratitude my school for giving me a chance to let me get closer to one of my dream job.

Actually, I felt that study abroad in Ireland really changed me a lot. I started to like studying in school. Fell in love with my school life. Made friends with people from everywhere, every age group. All of these things made my life more interesting and more exciting.

Thanks everybody who showed in my life.