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Happy Easter to everyone!

I’ve decided to come to Italy for Easter holiday: I wanted to see my family. That’s one of the big advantages of England for Italian exchange students like me: it depends where you are from, but as a general rule in less than 2 hours you can be at home! Unlike High Schools International, some guardianship organisations won’t allow students to go home for holidays. They have their own reasons, for sure, but, for a student, coming back home may be useful for some aspects.

First, and most important of all, coming back home makes you understand how much you are missing/gaining from this experience. Your friends are having fun without you, but they will be there when you get home again, and do they know English at the same level as you? Okay, they are studying in their native language, but have they got those amazing science labs and other facilities that so many English school have got? Your family is your family and they always will be, I’m sure your mommy and daddy are amazing, but living with a host family for an extended period of time gives you a new experience and helps you become a more mature and independent person. Would you get that if you stay at home? Just a few questions you should think about…

Anyway, this holiday has been amazing so far. I’ve been enjoying my friends so much. The fact is that I’ve got my IB exams in less than 1 month (in my next blog I am going to talk about that. Thank God everything will be over!), so I really need to use my spare time to study. Being on holiday and studying are two things that do not really get on well, I am sure you all know what I mean!! But, when thinking about school, exams and grades expectations, I really want to do the best I possibly can in these exams.

Although it doesn’t seem fair to be studying here in Italy, with the shining sun over my head, there in the sky, untouchable, unattainable, I know it will be all worthwhile when I’ll be done with exams in early May, and I’ll be heading down to the beach in Herne Bay with my friends!!

I’ll be back in England on the 17th and I am looking forward to it, because I know that my family will see me soon anyway and now it’s time to come back England.

Before I sign off for today, I would like to tell you about a competition I’ve been participating. It’s called “Bill Bryson Prize” and if you like science, then it’s the right thing to do. It askes students aged 5-18 to create a unique piece of science communication which can have whatever form you want. This year topic is: chances. The deadline was at the end of March and I’ve sent my video just on time. If you would like to see it, just go on YouTube and type: “Symbiosis between clownfish and anemone – Bill Bryson Prize 2015”. You should find it. Let me know what you think about it 🙂

See you next month.