Category: 2014/15 Armin O. (Czech Republic)

I am back to share with you something very exciting and different to everything I had shared before! Not long ago, I was offered an amazing opportunity to join a few workers of a Czech jewellery trade company on their trip to Asia. The purpose of the trip was visiting one of the biggest jewellery shows in the world in Bangkok and Hong Kong! It was obviously incredible that I was actually offered such opportunity. Naturally, I decided to agree to it and joined the company on their trip.

Prior to my departure, I had to discuss the trip with the college authorities because the dates were inconveniently set in the middle of the term. I was enormously glad, the college staff was very approving of the trip and they helped me sort everything out with my attendance and homework. It is one of the things I really enjoy about the college. They are always there to help you with whatever you might need and they support you in anything that you consider beneficial for yourself.

I had a few days of half term before the meetings and the fairs started therefore I left London a little bit earlier and used the extra time for a little holiday in Thailand. I have never been overly attracted to Asia but since I met so many Asian people in the college from almost every possible Asian country I started being interested in their culture. Due to the knowledge I gained about the Asian culture it was far more enjoyable and intense for me to explore Thailand. Apart from the incredibly rich culture, their nature is simply stunning! Some people might be intimidated by a different standard of cleanliness and some unusual odours on the streets, however in my opinion it only intensified the true exotic experience.

The fair in Bangkok was quieter and was focused mostly on visiting previous partners of the company and discussing the future co-operation. This is where I was involved and used my English skills I gained during the 6 months of living in England. It was honestly nice to use something I have learnt in real life. Only then you realise that hard work pays off.

Since the company works with jewellery, I had to learn very interesting things about stones, materials and technologies used for production of the jewellery. It was quite overwhelming considering the time pressure, however I definitely learnt something new I truly appreciate. Other than that, I was in charge of organising and planning the meetings which was a little bit scary in the beginning, however after two or three days I definitely got into it and enjoyed it very much.

As everything was already done in Bangkok, we flew over to Hong Kong for the second and last jewellery show. I must say, that this one was so much bigger than the Bangkok one. There were many enormous halls with thousands of stands and huge numbers of people. This was honestly highly stressing and tiring experience because it was mainly about getting new contacts as well as visiting previous partners. I honestly do not remember when I was so tired but I am extremely grateful for the opportunity because I have absorbed a huge amount of knowledge in the field of business I might possibly use one day.

All in all I am very satisfied with my trip and I am happy I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things as well as explore Asia which is beautiful by the way and due to this trip I am planning a new one to Malaysia in a year when I save up for it! I want to see every country in Asia, it took me by surprise how amazing it is. Needles to speak about their cuisine!

Studying in England certainly had a huge impact on this trip because I mainly got the awesome opportunity due to my English skills I gained while in the UK!