Category: 2014/15 Gloria H. (China)

When I was a little girl, I thought that the world was very small and I could experience different kinds of interesting things in my hometown. But it changed once I saw a TV programme which was named “Searching and Finding”. It told me a country of glorious history. For example, by the time of the Great Exhibition of1851, it was described as “the workshop of the world”. It was Britain!

Since then, I have been paid more attention to news about Britain. With time passing by, I suddenly realized that I was able to get to this country deeply by studying and living here. Finally, with support of my parents, I could make my dream come true and study in Britain in the near future. And I am glad to invite you to my school, St. Teresa.

St. Teresa was founded in 1928 and is a girls’ school. It is only 22 miles from London, but it has rural surroundings. Classes are small and it provides various curriculums. This kind of education is different from that in China and in my opinion, it can help me get all-round development. Also, it has first-class hardware facilities, such as the campus theatre, the centre for performing arts, swimming pool and so on. There is no doubt that we will have wonderful after-class activities and enjoy our school life. Last but not least, its quality of teaching and exam results give me enough confidence that I could make progress in my study.

I have plenty of hope and imagine for my future study. I hope that I could receive some education about manners and have chances to wear beautiful full dresses. Learning about academic knowledge about business, law and others is also expected. Even though I also have several worry about my life in Britain. As we know, the lifestyle in the UK differs from that in China. And the difficulty in understanding what people say may make me nervous. Sometimes I have no courage to imagine if others don’t like to make friends with me and how lonely I will be. But in a word, I shall try my best to fit in there—my dream place!

Life in England must be exciting, but I am familiar with things in my hometown. I decide to take my parents’ hope and warmth in my family with me in that I can’t live without them.

There is a saying very popular in China. It is “I choose the way for my future, for my dream, and I will finish the way even in the knee”. It stands for my opinion as well. I am coming, Britain!