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This month started with surprisingly good weather – until storm Ophelia came up… Luckily, Galway wasn’t as much affected as expected, but it was still a pretty big storm! This is a picture I took at the beach in Barna.

I love to watch and hear the sea so much, it’s always so nice! Like my host mother says, on calm days it’s relaxing, during bad weather it’s still beautiful!


While my aunt and my little sister visited, my host mother took us on two road trips: one to the Cliffs of Moher and another one to Connemara. This is a picture of my little sister, standing on a bridge, which was in a movie called “The quiet man” with John Wayne.

We also went to Clifden, drove the sky road and saw Kylemore Abbey and experienced all the four Irish seasons every day! (A little rain, maybe sunshine, heavy rain and cold rain!)

Because my mom and my dad weren’t able to come to Ireland for the holidays, my aunt decided to take a lot of pictures for them.

A lot of pictures.

After the 8000 Photoshoot, my sister and I just agreed on looking stupid in every single one of them and we did a really, really good job! So here you can see us, trying to look extremely stupid in front on the Cliffs of Moher! 😀

It was my sisters first time in Ireland, and she really wanted to see the cliffs, so we took her there. You can’t really see it in the pic, but she was really impressed!

Besides all the family time, you can’t forget Halloween in Ireland! On the 29th, a parade took place in Galway, it was fantastic! It just lasted 10-15mins, but the costumes and everything else was amazing! It felt like everybody came to watch!

This month I’ve been pretty homesick for the first time, but not even this lasted too long, because after a few hours of self-pity, my host mother knocked on my door, smiled at me and said: “Tickets are here!” You’ll see in a few months why I need them… 😉

So that’s it for now from me, stay tuned for the next blog!!

See you soon,

Romy 😀