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This is a blog without many tempting and appealing photographs as I didn’t really do many things or go anywhere apart from studying for my mock exams.

January is quite a busy month, everyone is talking about the mock, study and stress all the time. My life this month is pretty much the same everyday: going to school in the morning, have a whole day of classes, do after school study, continue studying till eleven. I feel a bit guilty for my host family, because we used to chat a lot during dinner and I used to help them with washing after dinner every day. But this year, I always go home late after study, have dinner myself and go straight back to my bedroom. So sometimes at the weekend, I will help them with drying the dishes.

I got my second offer right after Christmas from the university of Bristol. However, they need an H2 in English, which is an enormous obstacle for me, nearly impossible. I’m still waiting and praying for the offers from Imperial College London and University College London. It has been a full month since I handed in my application, but I haven’t heard anything from them, this kind of makes me a little bit anxious. The good news is that I haven’t got any refuse letter.

My school life is always enjoyable. I enjoyed most of the classes and I enjoy every minute I spend with my friends. Although the school life is stressful, we can always have great fun and make funny jokes during the break time. I could easily see my progress this year, I talk more and more with others and I make so many great friends. I still remember in the past two years, I seldom talked to others, usually I just sat beside and listened. But this year, I chat with everyone during class breaks. My best friend Iris told me last week: “I never think you have just been here for two years, I always think you’re with us forever!” Being more socialized is one of my best prides.

What I always find difficult is that I find it so hard to concentrate at home because of the phone and iPad. I got distracted so easily at home, thus, the most crucial task currently is that I have to get rid of my phone and get used to the life without it.

The mocks are starting tomorrow, February the first! I have English Paper1 tomorrow and I’m still doing some study for it now. It’s so stressful! I hope I can understand the questions and finish my writing tomorrow.

At the end I want to say: good luck for my mocks. I can do this! UCL I’m coming!

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