Please Note: The UK is no longer accepting new applications for UK programmes while we restructure our operations. Please note that this does not affect any of our Ireland programmes which continue uninterrupted. Please contact Declan Millar at for further information on options in the UK.

Programme Overview

Our UK State College with Residential programme is perfect for those looking to have an authentic British experience in a modern and mature learning environment.

Available to all nationalities, this programme provides students with an array of academic opportunities, impressive facilities and good academic standards. Students will study alongside local students, experience a different style of teaching all while improving English, making friends and growing in confidence.

The residential aspect of this programme means that accommodation is on campus so no public transport is needed. Rooms provided have regular cleaning, 24 hour security, full board basis and an excellent social aspect


Options & Criteria

Age 16-18
Programme Duration 1, 1.5, 3 terms +
Academic Background Average or better
English Level Intermediate or higher
Eligibility All nationalities

State College Features:

  • A wide range of academic and vocational subjects
  • 15 – 20 hours of class time (5 – 6 hours per A Level subject)
  • Emphasis placed on self-study skills
  • Varied and extensive extra-curricular opportunities
  • Large student population (1,500+ students)
  • Medium class sizes (20 – 30 students per teacher)

State colleges in the UK are schools which specialise in the final two years of high school. They provide a modern and mature environment for students of all levels and provide among the best facilities and range of options available in the UK.

All HSI partner colleges are in or near medium size cities which offer a safe living environment whilst providing students with plenty of facilities and entertainment for evenings and weekends.

British and international exchange high school students relaxing outside of a UK state college in England

Benefits of State Colleges


  • Possibility to take 2 years and get A Level qualifications
  • Good academic standards
  • Broad and varied range of academic subjects
  • Impressive academic, sport and leisure facilities
  • Wide range of extra-curricular opportunities
  • Good progression rates to university




Benefits of Residential Accommodation


  • On-campus accommodation very close to where students take classes, no need for public transport
  • Regular cleaning of shared areas
  • 24 hour on-site security monitoring who is coming and going
  • Full board basis
  • Good social aspect
  • Learn to become more independent and experience what it’s like to move out
  • Immerse yourself fully in a new way of life



Take a look inside...

Inclusions on a HSI UK State College with Residential Programme

Standard inclusions for all HSI programmes

  • Selection of a suitable school
  • Standard tuition fees
  • Placement & registration in a selected UK school
  • Final school transcripts and British Ministry of Education documentation

Our support services include

  • Assistance and support of your HSI Advisor
  • Progress reports (2-3 per term)
  • Local orientation upon arrival
  • Emergency telephone contact 24/7
  • First and final transfers
  • Assistance with other transfers

Our residential accommodation includes:

  • On campus single/shared room accommodation
  • Optional en-suite/shared bathroom facilities
  • Full board
  • 24 hour security
  • Regular cleaning