Category: 2014/15 Alessandra P. (Italy)

It has already been one month and a half since I left Italy and I can believe time flies so quickly. I feel at home, here in Canterbury, and there is nothing to worry about. The issue that worried me the most was the language, and most of friends of mine keep asking me: “how can you think and dream in English?”. Do you know which my answer is? You don’t. Me neither.

Living in a different country is the best way for learning perfectly a new language, and although I still have problems in speaking fluently, I feel good improvements and developing in understanding. This means that I have no problem anymore following the lessons and teacher’s words. But don’t worry, because teachers are always ready to help exchange students with the words meaning.

Another very good aspect of the English style of teaching is that the student has the possibility to choose the subjects he likes. I am studying the IB program, (International Baccalaureate), which is made of 6 subjects at different levels plus some projects and activities. The subjects I am studying are the ones that I have always loved: Chemistry and Biology, of course, because I love the sciences; English and Spanish as languages; Maths because is required (..but I like it, I swear..) and Philosophy because I have always been interested in the human being and all his aspects.

When I lived in Italy, I used to study twelve subjects at a standard level. Now, I am focused on what I like, even if the mole of work is heavier. I don’t think that one of the style of teaching is better than the other one, they are simply different. At the moment, I fit well in my English school because of the subjects, the teachers, the students and, most important of all, the organisation that English school has.

The IB program requires also some extra-curriculum activities. At the moment, I am doing volunteering in Canterbury and I am joining a dance school, which are the activities that I always wanted to do once in England. The schools offers a lot of clubs, everyday, (some examples could be movies club, mentoring club, footballs team, discussion about random topics class…) and, the more you get involved with those clubs, the more you collect CAS hours that help you for the university application form. As I said before, English school are very, very well organised.

I am looking forward my father’s arriving: next week is the half term week and we will spend some time together, before restarting school. I can’t wait to see him again! And, you know, the reason is simple: although I am completely fine here, I miss my family and friends, but I know they are all by my side, never leaving me alone!

Thank you everyone 🙂