Category: 2014/15 Alessandra P. (Italy)

I remember September, the noise of the plane when it left Italy, the roll-out and the landing, London and the sunny days. Long gone! It is already five months since I live in England and every day I am more satisfied of the route I took and I might never come back, because I am very happy to leave here and my life seems to be joyful.

I enjoy going to school, studying the subjects I really like (even though as the year goes head, they become more and more difficult), living with my host family and learning a new language and a new culture. There are still things that make me gasp, but this is teaching me that we don’t have to underestimate anything because everything is new.

Personally, my experience of High Schools International and the Italian partnership YouAbroad is very good. Now, that I am starting to think about universities and courses I would like to do, I must complete my application form, which will be sent to the university I will apply to. I need some help to do this and the school is helping me.

Classes at school are going on and exams are coming. I still have some months before my exams, but I can tell that the teachers here are starting to prepare for them. They are putting more pressure on students to do our very best in class, therefore they are doing their jobs. It seems like it is becoming a little bit more stressful, but I am sure that in the end everyone will be happy and satisfied.

It is true that we need to know how to manage some situations, but who, better than exchange student, knows how to manage new situations? Well, maybe the best advice is: “never give up and always try your best.”

I think that the exams will be challenging and I will try my best as always. February is quickly running away and soon it will be already 6 months I’m here. 6 months! We will celebrate. In the meanwhile, despite the weather is cold and cloudy, I am looking forward to the half term and visit new cities I would like to go.

I miss my friends and family, because it is very strange and sad to see that they enjoy themselves also without me, but this is what I have to accept: life in my county goes on also without me, willing or not. I am looking for seeing my best friend again, who is now seventeen, and giving her the big hug she missed!