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This is an especially special month for me.

First of all, I had a great midterm break, without a single bit study after the mock, so I feel fresh and ready now. The school is still as entertaining and as busy as usual, especially after the mock. I had a full two-day French oral revision course of a total 16 hours last weekend. It was pretty intense but worthy enough. The teachers were experienced there, and the drillings were quite helpful. This Wednesday, I had my Leaving cert French Oral. It was ok as I only started studying French when I came here.

Two years study and now I can sit in the French oral exam as any other (even though I do ordinary French), I am fiercely proud of myself.

Today is the 30th of March, approaching to the end of the month. I got the best new ever in my life. I received my last offer from UCL today!!!!!! The first thing I did this morning was to check my UCAS account, and I saw the last successful offer! I started crying because I have been waiting for a whole three months and during these three months, I got the refuse letter from Imperial college London. I nearly thought I wouldn’t get it! I told this to Terrassa, my host mum and to Naoise. They are both happy for me. So now, my UCAS application is completely done. I got the offers from UCL, KCL, University of Manchester and University of Bristol. Not too bad! Hence, this afternoon I went to town to do some shopping and had a nice Chinese dinner as an award for myself. I bought myself a dumbo finally.

The following April is gonna be busy. I will have my music practical next Thursday. I have to work hard for UCL!

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