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This month started too beautiful! The mid-term break began and two of my best friends from Germany visited me! You can see us in the picture below, when Francesca the girl on the right and I brought them back to the airport in Dublin after spending a nice day in town.

It was so nice to see them again, especially because I usually see them every day in school!

The week when they were here, I showed them Galway and, of course, the cliffs of Moher. It was quite an experience this time, as we thought we missed our bus – the last one going to Galway…

We saw the cliffs in lovely light though, you can see it in the picture!


I turned sixteen three days before this blog was published, and I have to say: I didn’t want to. Being sixteen always sounded like loooooads of responsibility and getting older, plus no one from my friends from Germany or my family were here with me.

I didn’t want to turn 16, but when I did, it was amazing. I saw a lot of my friends while skyping with the, talked to my family for an hour and got the nicest presents from my friends I Ireland and my host family. In the picture, you can see me and three other girls I met here. Look at how sunny it was! Lovely weather that day!

I got to go to the beach!! On the 11th of March!! And it was gorgeous!!! I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful birthday!

We also went to two farms again, for our science class. Nothing really special happened, except for the fact, that it was lambing season!

On both farms, soooooo many lambs were born, and I have seen a lot of cute things in my life, but I doubt that there is anything cuter than a three-day old lamb!

I was melting while being in the sheep shed, look at it!! And there were so many of them!! Best day of my life!

Maybe you heard it on the news just in case you didn’t: We had a blizzard! The so called “Beast from the east” reached, against all expectations, Galway! We missed two days school and Irish people went literally crazy. It was wonderful though, the snow looked to nice!

The picture shows me and Francesca on the pier. In fairness, it really was cold but a lovely day. I ended up with about 10,000kg of snow in my face and so did Francesca and Tassilo, the friend who was there with us.

This month was beautiful, I had an amazing birthday, we had the whole month of winter in one day and I already am looking way too forward for St. Patrick’s Day and do you remember the tickets I told you about in one of my previous blogs? Well next time, you’ll see what they are for!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. The very best wishes from a now 16-year-old student,