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I can’t believe how time has gone! My leaving certificate Exam is within a week. May is an unforgettable month for me, it is also really complicated, there’s happy moments, sad moments and mostly stressed moments.

We had our Spirit Day on May 17th (I can clearly remember the date because it is also my idol’s birthday). So, this is part of our school’s tradition. Every year, the last school day in May we will have a Spirit Day, which the whole school is divided into about 30 groups with different colors and themes. We play games during the day and in the afternoon, sixth years are giving a dance and play rounders with the teachers. As a sixth-year captain, I got to decide the theme for my team. We are tinker bells this year. Everyone is wearing a green tutu on the day. However, it was so unlucky cause it was raining heavily in the morning and it was freezing cold. We have never had a spirit day on so miserable a day that we had to stop earlier and go inside. Though it was so freezing cold, we enjoyed ourselves, especially for the sixth years as this is our last spirit day and being a captain, the whole day is not just for fun, there are a lot of responsibilities.


On May 20th, we had our awards giving. I got the math’s awards. It was good but I’m a little bit disappointed since I thought I will be getting more awards! Then the following day was our graduation. Everyone was so excited for that day, people got their hair and makeup done for that night. The graduation was in Dalkey Church. It’s incredible to see how well we prepared for it. I remember when we told the teachers our theme, everyone was like ‘it is too shallow, there’s not many deeper meanings of your theme!’ (by the way, our theme is adventure and the quote is ‘thank you for the adventure, now let’s have a new one).


However, we did a beautiful backdrop, many wonderful display boards and everyone enjoyed it. After the graduation, parents and students were chatting outside the church and I cried so badly as I am the only one in the whole year who has no parent coming to my graduation. I hate saying that but at that moment, I do miss my family a tiny bit. Nevertheless, two of my friends, Josephine and Selina, they are both Chinese and we are in the same school but they are in lower years, they came to the graduation as my family. I really appreciate it, for their kindness and their parents care while my parents are not here. After that, we went to the pub with the teachers and then the whole year went to a club in the city. I didn’t go to the club since I don’t drink and club is really not a place I would go. Anyway, that was an amazing evening.


When the graduation is done, we are completely finished with the school. Hence we have two weeks of free study. I still go to school and stay in the library do my study the whole day. I am really stressed and nervous now. I did so many mock papers and just didn’t get the grade I want. I have so much to study this weekend!

Tomorrow is the first of June, the exams are in five days. I can’t really express my mood at this stage, I just want to try my best for the next 21 days. Finally, I am so grateful to this May. Bye May and hello June!

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