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It’s already November!

Time has passed so quickly that I didn’t even realise it. Around a month ago I met my student advisor in a cafe to talk. She helped me figure out what was bothering me and find the best solution. She helped me find another family that fits more with the kind of person I am. I changed host family and now I’m so much happier. I have the feeling that I fit in and that I found have my place.

Now I live in a house with a mother and a daughter who are both very sweet and artistic, they have 3 cats and 1 dog that I absolutely adore and that are great company.



My new host family have a plant based diet and I’ve been trying some new vegan foods that I have never tried before.

This new lifestyle has really inspired me to try more plant based products. I have a healthier diet, more energy and have a more chilled mindset.

I have been to some awesome new vegan restaurants in town. Brighton has a huge variety of plant based products that are amazing!


Meanwhile, I also decided to change mathematics group. I talked to my student support officer and she helped me change to another group.

The next day she gave me a form to sign and the day after I was in the new group.

Varndean has been very helpful and very fast to deal with problems. In only two days everything was sorted out. Over time it gets easier to learn in another language, and you develop better relationships with your classmates and teachers.

Me and my friends have been exploring Brighton and going to new places and trying new things. I enjoy visiting the pier with my friends to watch the beautiful sunsets, go on the rollercoasters or just to chill out on the beach listening to some music.

I’ve also been to the marina which is a place where you can find lots of things to do such as bowling, cinema or visit by bike. Whenever I get the chance I spend the day in London with my friends. We go to the Tate Modern, Camden Town or just explore more of London and find some new places to go.

Since I came to the UK I have changed my lifestyle a lot. I’ve been much more chilled, enjoying the moment and opening my mind to a lot of new things. I’m trying to eat more healthy and plant based food, and I’ve started yoga. So much has changed since I arrived here and there is so much to tell. It feels like I’ve been here for years.

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