Category: 2015/16 Yiran L. (China)

I have been to Ireland for 1 month, I got so much fun in this beautiful school. Because of me poor english I chose some subject that was not so hard, and I can have a practice for my english without slump my study. And in fact that was a great act, my english is still so poor but I can understand what are they talking about now! I`m so happy with that.

Last few weeks ago, there was a new Chinese guy came to our class. He is from An hui. That was a really good news for me because I can have other good friend now.

When September 22nd to 24th. Our school led us to have a school trip. That was a really fun trip, I challenged a lot of things that I was scared about. That was a big step for me. Now I`m in China because of some home things. I will back to Ireland at 8th.

See you later Ireland!