Category: 2014/15 Armin O. (Czech Republic)

It has been little over a month since I arrived to the UK. Unbelievable how time goes so quickly. When I arrived, I had a bit of a problem with understanding people with a strong accent. Funny fact: I am not able to express myself in my mother tongue without those awkward pauses anymore!

It feels like my entire life is England only. Adapting is so easy if you are as lucky as I am to have so many nice people surrounding you. I expected much harsher start, although I am happy to announce that it has been smooth.

My college is just amazing! The campus is very big and there are many activities you can do. I signed up for yoga and it is very enjoyable. Besides from yoga, you can choose from a variety of different enrichment activities which you may not even expect. There are self-defence sessions, debating, Mandarin language and even more! Definitely get involved, because it is an awesome opportunity to find more friends who you may not meet otherwise.

One thing which I strongly recommend is explore. It sounds simple but trust me that you don’t know what your place offers. Ask friends, teachers and even strangers about whatever interests you because you can reveal many useful information. If the college offers some service, definitely use it.

In terms of the curriculum, I personally found it very challenging. In the beginning it is the most important not to get intimidated. The fact that the workload is challenging doesn’t mean that it is not enjoyable. For me, it is the most amazing approach to education. One thing I noticed is that we don’t actually get to analyse what we learn in my country. We just learn it. And I don’t agree with that system because you learn stuff to use it in your life. In England you get to write essays and apply the knowledge, gained in classes, to real situations which makes it super interesting and inspiring.

Always stay on top of everything! Represent yourself confidently, revise regularly and socialise. With this attitude, your learning experience will be priceless.

PS: I will never understand British people’s obsession with vinegar. They pour it on everything! 😛