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Hello! This is Asako’s 7th blog!


Finally! I visited my friend in Germany for half term break. I really enjoyed my time with her, and we did a lot of different things like sight-seeing, shopping, meeting her friends and we also did a lot of sports.

One day for example, we went to a trampoline park and on another day, we went climbing together which was great fun.

Her family was very friendly, and the food was very good although it was typically German with different kinds of bread for breakfast and dinner and her mum always made a warm lunch which was pretty nice.

My best memory there is when we went to Cologne to visit the city and we met a former student from BCS. It was so fun to see her again since she left boarding.

We went to Cologne Cathedral right after we arrived there. It was much bigger than I expected and also had delicate construction. There are many decorations and my friend told me about their history, that was quite interesting. After we went to Cologne Cathedral, we ate lunch together which was Thai food since we had already enjoyed many German dishes. I kind of missed Asian food at that time, so I was really satisfied with that decision.

I also bought souvenirs there, but I hadn’t decided what to buy for my family and friends, I only bought for my sister who gave me specific requests about what she wanted. Visiting Cologne was very fun, and I couldn’t see all the city in just one day, so hopefully I’ll visit there again with my friends.

I also went to LINDOR chocolate factory in her hometown, which was quite big and they sell a variety of chocolates with significant discount. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see how they make chocolates, but I could buy many different kinds of chocolate.

What impressed me the most was the 100% dark chocolate bars. That was the first time for me to see them.

The trip to Germany was really fun and it became one of the best half term breaks for me, especially since I had only been to Germany once before on a day trip, so everything was kind of new for me and I could experience many things.

My friend is leaving BCS in April, so I want to see her again there next time!

One of my friends from Macau turned 17 years old this month! I can’t believe she was still 16 years old before as she is really mature. She always gives me advice and teaches me many things. We also do exactly the same A level subjects which is maths, chemistry and biology, so I can feel that our relationship is getting better every day.

She is really nice, clever and sometimes stupid in a cute way. I also think she is quite persuasive as well, so I had a lot of good influence from her this year. I like her and respect her a lot. For her birthday party, we ate Chinese hotpot and went to a karaoke bar afterward. I couldn’t really understand what songs they were singing since most of them were Chinese songs, but it was fun to stay with  my friends there.

This month went so quickly and I only have a few months till Easter break. Time has gone so quickly recently for me, so I should appreciate every single moment I spend in BCS.

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