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Hello this is Asako’s 6th blog!!

I had a lot of fun activities in this month.

We celebrated Chinese New Year:) In Japan, we don’t  use the lunar calendar, so we don’t usually celebrate Chinese New Year, but since there are many Chinese students in the boarding house, we had a big celebration and I could learn a lot of cultures about that.

We put many decorations in boarding house.

They made a lot of dumplings for Fun Thursday, so not only Chinese, but also other students could enjoy Chinese New Year.

I think it was really good for me and for others as well because some of my friends didn’t like soy sauce or Asian food, but they overcame it.

Some of my friends complained about the red pocket, because they couldn’t get it since they didn’t meet their relatives. I was happy that Japan uses the solar calendar, because we have similar culture as red pockets, and I could get them during the Christmas holiday.

My friends also said they have to eat vegetarian food for the first meal in Chinese New Year. It’s about their religion and it was the first time I heard about religion for Chinese New Year. I didn’t focus on learning Chinese culture, but I’m interested now.

We also went out for dinner the day before Chinese New Year which was on Friday. Since there are many people celebrating Chinese New Year, we couldn’t find any available seats in any Chinese restaurant, so we ate Korean food instead.

There are some European friends we went out with together, I was worried whether they liked to eat Asian food, but they seemed to enjoy it as well:) We had a fantastic time together.

I had a badminton match on 9th of February. I played mix doubles. I wasn’t used to playing mix doubles, and ladies doubles and mix double have so many differences for me since I feel more comfortable playing at the back.

So I made many mistakes in the game and bothered my partner a lot.
The result wasn’t very good, we lost half of the game we played. But I think some of the game was winnable and I’m sure that we will be able to improve more. I felt really sorry for bothering my partner, so I will practice mix doubles more. And also, I have another match next Saturday. I will try my best to do better!

We had a weekend with really good weather once in this month. It is quite rare in England, so we went out to the beach to see the sunset. We took a lot of photos there. It was so fun that we were making a lot of poses for pictures. One of the pictures we took, we couldn’t stop laughing like crazy. The picture is this one…


I really think this picture was the best one out of all of them.

And that was the penultimate weekend for one of my friends, so we could make good memories together.

Finally! One more week to go to Germany. I can’t wait now. Hope I can spend a wonderful time with my friends there.

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