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Hi everyone,

My name is Sina and I’m 17 years old. I´m coming from Germany, Berlin and at the moment I’m doing an exchange year in Ireland. My hobbies are playing the piano and I go to the Gym after school. I’m already 5 weeks in Ireland and in this Blog I want to write about my experiences during my exchange year.

I arrived at the 27th of August and my fist school day was on the 30th of August. My school is the Rockford Manor Secondary School in Blackrock, Dublin. It’s a really small school and we are just 67 Students in my year and half of them are exchange students, most of them are from Italy or Spain. I’m in the 5th Year and that means I’m a Senior.


My first school day was really confusing for me because I didn’t got a timetable so I didn’t know where or what I have. I needed to go from class to class to find where I have.

The good thing is that I got my timetable on the next day.  I already met a few girl in my classes and we’re spending the lunch breaks together. My school starts every day at 8:55am. At Monday and Thursday my school ends at 3:40pm and on the other days it ends at 3pm.


You can join school clubs after school or before school. I joined the clubs: Musical and Choir they’re after school and goes till 5pm. I also joined volleyball but this is before school from 7:50-8:50. These clubs are really good chances to meet new people and spend time with them.

I already went to a lot of different places in Dublin because I’m trying to go every weekend to new places. This weekend I was in Bray with a friend and we walked along the beach and drank a coffee. It was really good weather and very windy.

Next weekend I want to go to the Cliff walk with a friend!


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