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Hello! My name is Daria Yupatova.

I am 15 years old. I’m from Russia. My hometown is St. Petersburg. I am a very active, positive and friendly person and I have many hobbies. I study in Dublin, Ireland. I am a boarding student at the King’s Hospital School. This is my first year at this school and I hope not the last.

I am already very well settled in this school in the new setting. But of course, at first it was not easy.

Although, in principle, I knew what to be ready for. I had similar experience last year. I went to London for a month and studied there to practice my English.

Therefore, it was a little easier for me since I already knew in advance what to expect from the school. So, how did reality live up to my expectations?

What are the pros and cons of such training? What kind of trips, activities, holidays and lessons does this school have? What are the rooms, food and school uniform like? What is the schedule on weekdays and weekends?

I will gladly share my newly acquired experience with people who are interested in this or with those who doubt whether it is worth enrolling in such a school.

I will be honest in my blogs. I will write not only about the pros, but also about the cons of the school.

I hope that my future blogs will be not only interesting, but also useful for you.

In this blog, I would like to talk more about the arrival and the first day.


So, my plane was at night, and in the morning I was already at school. My mother decided to fly with me for the first time (now I fly alone). We were at school by 12 o’clock in the morning. We were very well-received. There were many other students around.

We were shown a school and given uniform. Those students who have been here for several years already helped teachers and staff to take people around the school.

Then we had a long presentation. Teachers and the headmaster spoke at it. They talked about the rules of the school and the curriculum for the year.

After the presentation, they showed us our rooms. The room is designed for 6 people. But 5 girls live in my room. The rooms are quite spacious well equipped.

I was also very lucky with the neighbours! In my room, besides me, 2 Germans and 2 Spanish women still live. Of course, our room is not always clean, but we don’t quarrel.

For the rest of the day we sorted things out and settled in the room. In general, the first day was quite interesting, informative and useful.

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