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The last weeks of school weren’t that troubling – except for the Christmas exams…

It was a little weird to me, because all students came into a huge room that we call study-hall and we all had our exams together, for a week every day three exams.

I did pretty good, in fact, my English exam was the best out of my whole class!

In the picture above you can see all the international students in our school and the woman on the very left is our “Social English” teacher. This is a subject the regular Irish pupils don’t have, because they study Gaelic during that time.

We took that picture two or three days before everyone left home to finally see all their friends and family again.



Christmas in my family is kind of a three-day procedure. On the 24th of December, we go to church and meet at my grandparents’ house to eat, drink, eat, talk, eat, unwrap presents and in case I haven’t mentioned it before: we eat!

The picture above shows my whole family (except for my dad, he’s always the photographer) after the huge dinner. I love that day of Christmas, because we stay up very long and talk a lot and of course especially this year it was even more beautiful than ever before because I hadn’t seen them in such a long time.

As I said, Christmas in my family takes three days. Well guess what we do on the second day! (A hint: we’ve done it before, a LOT.) You knew it; we eat.

My dad’s mum makes deer every year and I don’t know how she does it, but every time we eat it, it tastes better than the time before that!

After being completely stuffed for the second time, we go home and rest a little bit, because we need all our energy for the great finish: the last dinner, again at my grandparents.

For the last time, we eat as if we had to starve for the next three years but it’s a delicious last meal!


Of course, I didn’t spend all my time back in Bavaria just eating, I met a lot of my friends and one of the days (and nights) I enjoyed a lot was the time I finally saw my best friend again!

Those stunning glasses we are wearing in this picture were found by us while being on a shopping trip in Nuremberg.

Afterwards we went home and she stayed to sleep at my house. Well “sleep” isn’t quite the word which describes what we were doing, let’s just say you have an awful lot to catch up with, if you haven’t been in the country for four months!


It didn’t snow in Ireland, it rarely does, so it was a huge disappointment for me to hear that all the snow in Germany had thawed. When another very good friend of mine came over one night, we went to the cinema.

After the movie finished, it had started to snow a little, when we arrived at home it had started to snow some more, when we went out for the first time there was a serious amount of snow and when we went out the last time, everything was covered white up to 20cm high, I was without a doubt the happiest person alive!!

My Christmas holidays were great, but I was delighted to go back to Galway, too. I think one of the best parts of this holiday was to know that I’ll be back in Ireland again.

The first thing I heard my family talking about when they picked me up was something familiar, again, just take a guess…

…and if you thought about food, it was right! 😀

I’m happy to be back, I hope whoever reads this had an amazing Christmas, too.

Yours truly,