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So now here I am, freshly arrived in Ireland and finally arrived at my host family, which High Schools International arranged for me. So many things have happened during the first days, and I’m going to tell you a little but about the nicest ones.

Here you can see me with a girl from Berlin, we went with couple other friends to Eyre square, which is a place in the centre of Galway, and watched the big hurling game there. It was really fun, because some people put on a big screen and showed the “All – Ireland – Hurling – Final”. It was a really exciting game, and even very important for Galway, it was the first time after 29 years that they won! Everyone went crazy after the end, it was awesome!


The first time I’ve been to Galway centre with my new friends, we took this selfie. The girl in the middle is from Spain, the other one is also from Germany.

We were waiting to get a bus, and the others got home safely after a couple minutes when their bus arrived, well, not me. Because I didn’t know where my bus stop was, (I thought it would be the same as the one where the others waited – it wasn’t) I waited one hour for buses to arrive, and as not even any bus came, I asked my host mother to pick me up. But luckily this wasn’t a problem, and she showed me where have to go to take the bus!



This is a picture I took at the Salthill diving port.

During the first days, I’ve met a few guys from Germany and a few from Spain. This day we were just visiting Galway city and after that, we sat down and talked a little, well, two hours I think, but we just couldn’t go, because everything looked so beautiful! I’ve enjoyed this a lot, it was a really nice day!


This is a picture of the first cupcakes I made in Ireland!

It was I think the second day with my host family, and they already let me bake something. I’m really, really happy with my host family! They are so nice, always there, and always in a good mood! I totally love them! They are really animal lovers, just like myself. They own a dog, a cat, chickens, and a horse. The first time I saw the horse, I got pretty scared, because I was in the kitchen, as my host father stood in front of the window, with a giant horse next to him! But after that, I really liked “Diesel” (that’s its name!).


In this picture, you can see the little grandniece of my host family and me. At first, she was very shy, but as we got to know each other, she got really excited about playing with me. She dried my hair right after I got out of the shower (She did all of the hair from the picture above on her own!) and did my makeup (I had to help her a little… :D).

I was up to meet the lads in the city, and so her family took me there, and during the ride I showed her an app called snapchat, that’s why we look like dogs here. 😀

So now two weeks have passed and I fall in love with Ireland every day a little bit more. I could stay here forever! So see you the next time I’ll tell you something about life in Galway!