Category: 2014/15 Gloria H. (China)

My flight to Britain can be an unforgettable experience for me. Since I went to the airport at 2a.m. so when I arrived there I felt too tired to talk with anyone. As I was waiting in the line, my parents looked like it was a quiet normal thing and just took some photos with me. Everything was ok and I needed to go.

Just at that moment, I found my mom’s eyes had been red and I was quite sure that I could hear her heart: Darling, take care of yourself. Pay attention to the meals and protect yourself. We cannot stay with you but please remember that we will miss you and you will the only one forever…

In my memory, my mom would never be so sad like this and she worried about everything about me. And I insist that my father is a hero until now, however, I will never forget that my hero’s voice has been so sad that day. It was that day that I realized how much my parents love me and how much I love them. At the waiting room, I thought no one can be with me in the coming days and to be honest, I couldn’t help crying. Fortunately, I slowly calmed down during the first flight. And then, I arrived DUBAI. When I was waiting for the flight connection, I spent all the time phoning my parents and I can feel the warmth from them.

When I arrived in the Heathrow Airport, all of these things were so fresh to me. Green surroundings, cool climate and so on. And when I had a little problem about my baggage, the staff kindly gave me a hand.

After that, I went to my host family which was organised by High Schools International. It was in a small town in Surry and when I got there, the sky has turned into dark. With frondent trees along the road, I even felt a little scared. Finally, I saw my host family. They are very friendly and have given me the first nice impression on the British. Once, I was not energetic the beginning days because of my body clock, and I felt sorry about that I didn’t attend the dinner, but they just concerned about if I was well. Also, they took me to the pula to take part in the hoke-a sort of sports that I have never seen before. It was quite an interesting thing to get touch with these players and cute horses. I was so pleased every day and this helps me a lot to quickly get fit in the UK. I hope to see them again despite that I just stayed at their home for about one week.

With time passing by, I have been used to everything there. Actually, my school is not very big, but its equipment is modern and we have much space to do exercise. It is worth mentioning that we can have a balance between our academic study and activities since our timetable is well organized. When I got to my school, I was a little nervous about the language problem, but the teachers always try to help us and speak as slow and clear as possible. I am sure there are plenty of nice people in ST.TERESA’S. I want to make friends with all of them!