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Ireland is renown around the world for the abundance of creativity that flows through the Irish. Writers, actors and artists are regularly coming to the fore and being praised for highly creative pieces of works, and High Schools International likes to try and nurture that creative nature in the international students who take a year out of their normal lives to travel to Ireland and study abroad.

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One of our current HSI students, Philip Hiller, is currently attending St Pauls Oughterard in Oughterard, Co. Galway and he has a keen interest and talent in art. In his application to the HSI programme, he revealed that he was a little creative. Turns out that he was being modest, but HSI took that into consideration and placed him in the inspiring region of Galway. Every Tuesday night, the budding artist attends a painting class to develop his creative skills. It is this type of effort which HSI admire and actively encourage, just like we do with any student who want to pursue an interest or learn a skill.

The students who come to Ireland to enrol in the country’s excellent education system generally come to learn English and develop their language skills as they study. However, learning English is just one part of the experience of being on High Schools International’s academic programme as the students have to adapt to living in a new culture and embrace new experiences. It is stepping into the unknown and seeing and doing new things which develops creativity, an opportunity HSI’s staff carefully consider whenever an application comes in.

HSI’s staff review each student application and look beyond the academic results in an effort to get to know the student’s personality also. We look for what hobbies, interests and talents the students may have, which could flourish given the right attention. Then we use our knowledge of schools located throughout the country and the surrounding areas to place the students in the right place to develop all aspects of their learning.

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