Category: 2017/18 Niccolo F. (Italy)

Now I’m living in Rochester, a little town in the extensive area of Kent, in England. Rochester is 45 minutes from London with the train.

Here everything is amazing and different than Italy, there are people from every part of the world like Germany, France, Spain, China and this helps me to improve my language, I have to speak only the common language of the house: English.

Here the atmosphere is different and there are many green areas that we cross every day, studying here is an exciting challenge for me.

I’m attending A Levels of German, Maths (and statistic) and Latin (which includes poetry and language grammar) and studying in English is demanding yet satisfactory.

Also here sport is regarded important for physical growth so I’m attending swimming, personal training and football. When I have time I play basket and pool with the other boarders.

We are also required to do some hands that is a sort of volunteering activity. I’m helping to coach swimming, football and rugby to the pre-prep children (5-8 year olds).

Near the paddock there is the swimming pool center. I swim twice a week, every training are two hours long.

I decided to do swimming because when I was little I was a very good swimmer. On Monday and on Friday all boarders have the personal trainer (only who want to do this activity).

England is totally different than Italy, and also the school is different. Here I study only three subjects that are Latin, German and Mathematics. Latin and German are useful for my English but also for learning German and Latin.

Every schooldays I have to wear my school uniform and this is unusual for me because in Italy we can wear whatever we want but I like it. These are some of the guys that come with me at King’s Rochester. Here I met a lot of good boys and girls.

I’m so happy to be here for this new experience but the time run so fast!

See you soon, my next blog will be in October. I can’t wait.