Category: 2017/18 Niccolo F. (Italy)

Hi, my name is Niccolo. I’m going to join King’s College in Rochester, England. My parents proposed the idea to me few months ago to prove a different school experience with people from other countries, so we spoke to High Schools International and their local partner in Italy and they helped me choose the right school.

The school year begins on September 5th.

My family and I live in Florence, a mesmerizing and historical city in Italy. I’m only child, but I have a cute dog, her name is “jay jay”. My parents we spend a lot of time going around in the city centre. I do really like a lot of sports and activities too: from football to snooker, from skiing to cycling. I have been doing a lot of sport in my life, but currently I play indoor football with the best team in the city.

This picture represents me playing passion. A lot of people think that indoor football is the same thing in confront of normal football, but there are a lot of difference. The organisation of your space on the ground is difference. Reflexes and concentration are fundamental. This sport requires a great deal of dedication and time. We play lots of matches not only in Florence and Tuscany but also in other regions.

I was born in Florence in 2000. When I was a child I lived near Florence but one day my parents decided to buy a house in the city centre. Now I live there since 2007. As I said before, Florence is an important centre of art and creation and knowledge. Every year thousands and thousands of people come in Florence to see her beauty.

All my relatives but also some of my friends and I thought that going in England for an entire year will make me more mature and responsible. This experience could be a little step for the adult life. This is a very important opportunity for me because I can learn English very well like a mother-language. This new life in England can help me to build my future life.

I’m enjoying the last days of summer holidays here in Italy. The most important thing that I’ll probably miss will be my friends. I spent a lot of time with them so it’ll be probably hard at the beginning, but I am going to see them during the winter. It will be funny to tell they my adventure, my brand new life.

I’m really looking forward to start this experience, it will be awesome.