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Hello, my readership!

It’s been almost three months now that I’m here at Kings in Rochester.

The second week I flew again to England. I stayed that week in my swim teacher’s house. Her husband and she have two little daughters. I used the week to rest as much as possible. I watched numerous movies and TV series like Prison Break, Riverdale, 6 Days and Designated President and certainly I did my homework that my teacher had given me!

During the second week of half term holiday I also went two times to Canterbury, to see my friend from school. The Cathedral there is truly unique and very beautiful and I recommend going to admire it once. Since I was little child I like to visit places where there are artistic monuments dating back centuries ago.

Here at Kings I attend 3 subjects: Maths, Latin and German. For each subject I have two different teachers. In my Maths class we are 6 boys. 5 people study German with me and I study latin with two other guys.

My teachers name are: Mr Webber and Mr Janssens for Latin; Mr Ali and Mr Stevens for Maths; and Mr Richter and Frau Waizenegger for German.

The classrooms are not so big but there there are computers that we can use during the lesson. I’m enjoying every arguments that I’m doing in my 3 subjects.

During this 3 months I found that the learning methods here in England and in Italy are quite similar.

In England, practicing sport in the school is considered very important and every scholar can choose the sport that he wants to take part in. At Kings there are 4 choices: rugby, swimming, badminton and hockey.


On a very cold and dark evening of November I went to Canterbury with some of my friends and we went to a sort of party with music, fireworks and a very big and high fire. In England they celebrate like this every November, it’s called Guy Fawkes night.

Today, Tuesday 14 November, Gianluca, Fiorella and I ( all the Italian students at Kings) went to a conference with 37 Italian teachers, headmasters and other people who work for High Schools International’s partner agency in Italy.

We spoke with them explaining them our experience. After that they visited the entire school.

See you soon, my next blog will be in December. I can’t wait.