Category: 2014/15 Gloria H. (China)

When I wrote this blog, the first term had ended. It is quite exciting and wonderful for me to go back to China to enjoy Christmas with my family and my friends. To be honest, before going to Britain to attend school, I never realised the importance of ‘’Family’’ so clearly. However, when I was in the UK, I thought of the sweet, joyful memory with my parents all the time. As a result, I decided to spend most of my time with them during the holiday.

At first, I had a fantastic time with my mom in Sanya. Sanya is the southernmost city on Hainan Island, and one of the three prefecture-level cities of Hainan Province, in Southeast China. Due to the location of Sanya, the temperature in Dec here is likely to be 19 to 25 degrees, which can make people feel comfortable. We went to different tourist attraction such as Wuzhizhou Island, Phoenix Island and etc. However, the place that I suppose most worth mentioning was Wuzhizhou Island, which looked like a gift from the God. There existed a golden beach on it.

The sand here was very soft and when I was lying on the beach, the sunshine touched my face gently and I nearly fell asleep at that time. Also, before I went to here, I had never seen such clean and shiny blue sea. Nowadays, because of the development of heavy industry, the nature has experienced a list of destruction, and maybe this is the reason why the sea amazed me a lot! Later, my guide told me that the policy banned to develop the heavy industry in Hainan and the biggest source of finance came from the tourism.

I had another impressive memory in Sanya was diving. This was my first time to dive and I am really not used to breathe by my mouth. After trying several times, finally, I started to relax and pay attention to the unbelievable view in the Southern Sea. Fortunately, I brought a piece of meat with myself, to get these food, these tiny fish surrounded and followed me all the time. As a result of the increasing pressure underneath the water, I had to return to the seaside and say goodbye to this sea.

Happy time is always ephemeral. Just after a short period of time, it was the time for me to return to England. Even I begun to get to used to leaving my parents at the security check, this time, I still could felt a strong feeling of sadness in my mind. “ I don’t want to leave!” My mind shouted, but I can realise the responsibility of mine, and the only thing I can insist is to do my best and enjoy every day in Britain.