Category: 2014/15 Alessandra P. (Italy)

Since I am here in England, I have enjoyed every day. I am learning a lot about the English culture and every day I discover a new side that enchants me. Although sometimes it is difficult to fully accept new ways of thinking, it is part of the experience abroad: understanding how different people from different parts of the words reason and live with them, is the most diffict challenge that, in the end, gives you a lot of satisfactions.

I celebrated Halloween with my father: we enjoyed a tour through Canterbury, the city I am living in, and it was absolutely funny and interesting! Halloween is not really celebrated in Italy, but here in England is completely different: every house is decorated with frightful and colourful garlands and every child enjoys it because it is… The night of the ghosts! So scaaryy!!

Anyway, my school has a lot of events, for example the open evenings, and I am partecipating in every one because I like being part of events and being always in the first line! On the 4th December I will be, with the school, at the Cathedral of Canterbury for the Christmas Carol. It is going to be Christmas very soon.. I am looking forward! I love Christmas time! My little host sister has already started to put some decorations at home and I am in a beautiful Christmas mood.

Santa Claus is coming to town!