Category: 2014/15 Armin O. (Czech Republic)

We are a few days into February already and I am fearing of the pacing of this year. It’s officially the end of mock exams and it is an enormous relief. Even though the exams are not as important as the final ones, they are very useful since it is an evidence of how you are getting on with your studies. I haven’t received my results yet, therefore I am still a little bit tense, however, I see this just as an opportunity to fill in the gaps I have in my knowledge and improve my performance in the final summer exams.

Not a long time ago, I was offered an amazing opportunity to join a jewellery company on their trip to Asia to jewellery fairs in Bangkok and Hong Kong. It is incredible and I still cannot fully embrace what an opportunity I got. Naturally, I accepted this chance to gain some knowledge in the field of business as well as experiencing Asian culture. I am going on the trip in less than two weeks which sounds insane because it seems like it was yesterday I received the offer. I am utterly grateful and so excited to have a new experience which might lift up my personal statement a little bit higher.

Since I have many friends who are applying for universities this year, I was certainly relieved by the fact, that even if your AS level results did not live up to you expectations, there are still high chances of getting into top universities in the United Kingdom. Even though it is not a reason to be completely relaxed with your studies, it gives you the feeling of relief and therefore you are more likely to perform better because stress has a major effect on your academic performance.

Speaking of friends, I am more than grateful that I live in a hall of residence because we have become a small family in a way. We take care of each other in tough situations and share both the good and the bad moments. People who want to study in the UK must embrace the fact that it is not only about being independent and having a lot of fun but also about hard work and sometimes this leads to anxiety. However, the college staff is always helpful and ready to contribute to solve your problems.

One instance, when I actually realised this, was when I needed a doctor’s appointment to talk about a problem that I had and the staff was extremely helpful and arranged everything for me! Also, the doctors in the UK are very empathetic and are willing to truly help you. Moreover, I got a prescription for medicine I needed and it was completely free of charge which was amazing since we all know, that medicine can get costly. This is awesome because I was used to paying for almost all medicine in my country. The United Kingdom has a very well designed health and social service which truly improves the standard of living. And besides that it is historically and architecturally a beautiful country!

If there is anyone out there considering coming to the UK, I strongly urge you to come and see for yourself. I am very positive about the experience you are about to have, it is wonderful. I would never regret the decision to come here, it enriched me as a person and I am a whole new independent person, ready to go out into the “scary” world with no doubts about my well-being!