Category: 2014/15 Armin O. (Czech Republic)

It has been three moths since I came to England and I must say that I am loving it unconditionally so far. Choosing my next step in education was the best I have ever made.

I feel fully assimilated into English culture and I feel like I have been living here for more than those few moths. My English improved unbelievably! Sometimes I catch myself thinking that my English made a bigger progress than in 4 years in the Czech Republic which is very surprising.

England is a beautiful and very special place to spend your school years in. It is a very much student-oriented country and there are many things supporting your study experience outside of classes. Besides from a variety of enrichment activities which my college provides, there are events that are celebrated completely differently compared to my country. One of those is certainly Halloween which is simply amazing. You can truly feel a special atmosphere in the air which is great!

I had a chance to visit a few cities in the UK including London which is my favourite! I would love to study at a university in London at some point because it is a magical city full of many cultures that you just want to embrace and learn about.

I have made new friends from not only European countries but also from Asian countries such as China or Malaysia. I have also learned some Chinese phrases which I found utterly whimsical.

Regarding my classes and the workload I get, I must confess it is getting harder each day which is sometimes though but since I love challenges it is also very fulfilling. I get the chance to show off my potential and improve myself with everything I do. By the time I finish my studies, I will have been very grateful for having such experience that many desire.

Again I must say that without my lovely parents I would never get the chance to enrich my soul and improve my future chances of being successful in a workplace.

I am very much looking forward to sharing my new findings about this beautiful life that I have been given a chance to have. But until then, take care!