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“Take risks, cause life moves so fast,
You’re only young once, my loved one, this is your chance”
– Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Growing Up (feat. Ed Sheeran)

This is a line from one of my favorite songs, and I think it fits perfectly to what I’m up to! One Year Ireland, one year new experiences, new chances, new friends, new family – new everything!

My Name is Romy, I am 15 years old and I come from Germany….

I have a little Sister and of course Mother and Father, you can see us in the picture below.

It’s now the last month with them, and slowly I start to realize, that I’m really going away now. High Schools International in Ireland and their local partner, who are located in my town, organised a year-long high school study programme for me in Ireland.

I started all this like a year ago, and I was all looking forward and stuff, but when the first of my friends said, “see you in a year then!” it put a lump in my throat…

This feeling didn’t last very long, the moment right after it I thought of Galway, the city I’m going to live in, and I am totally in love with it, because I’ve been there before. That’s why I just have to smile and have to be extremely excited!



But of course, I do a lot with other people, like having dinner with my closest friends from school. I’m going to miss them a lot, we usually see each other five days a week and sometimes on weekends.

Even though I’m very keen on finding new friends, it’s going to be strange to go to school, knowing they won’t be there. You can see us here at a restaurant in our hometown, it was pretty funny!

A thing that happened while school was still going was an honor – evening where this picture was taken. This takes place every year in the last week before the holidays, and pupils who did something special for our school community or had extraordinary good grades get ice cream parlor- or book– vouchers.

The boy next to me is a good friend of mine, I know him from theater. I like him a lot, he’s very funny and extremely intelligent! The girl on the right is my best friend Lilly. Well, friend is not the right expression, I’ve known her before I was able to walk, so she’s more like a sister to me! We both got our honor for being members of the school medical service.


Here you can see a picture of the marketplace of the city I live in. At the time this picture was taken, me and my mum were buying groceries at the weekly market.

We usually do this every weekend, Saturday morning. I’ll miss this, even though I won’t miss getting up so early… 😀

Now, not many things will happen before I get on my plane to my new home. With every day, my anticipation increases and you’ll hear from me, when I arrived in Ireland!