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Hey, my name is Klara!

I am 16 years old and from Germany. I live with my parents and my older brother, he is 18 years old, in Hanover. In my spare time I like to play Field hockey and clarinet or just meet my friends.

My brother did his year abroad two years ago in Canada and at this point I already knew that I would like to do year abroad.

Right know I am doing my year abroad in Brighton, England. I came 1.5 months ago to Brighton (06.09.2020) and it is just perfect.

In this time so much has happened and I love it in England.

I am living in a really nice host family with my host dad, host mum, my little host brother and my little host sister. I am very happy with my host family because we are making day trips together like the seven sisters cliffs in this photo.

I started school the day after I arrived and the first days were a bit tough because I knew nobody. All the other exchange students arrived one week before me and became friends already.

But I made it! I became friends with a lot people. I am going into the city with them and we are having lunch together, it is so amazing.

We took this photo as we had lunch and ate waffles. They were delicious!!


But one bad thing did happen to me. On Monday, after school, I got into an accident and had to stay in hospital until Thursday.

However my host mum was so lovely and she stayed with me in the hospital over night (the whole time) to make sure I was ok!

I got a lot of text messages from my friends in Germany and in England.

Furthermore, I was very happy because my best friend came and visited me on the Saturday after my accident. She is doing her year abroad in Southampton.


After I left the hospital I was home for the next week and made a 1000 pieces Disney Puzzle. But I was very happy that I could go back to school after two weeks.

Right now I have half term holidays for ten days. In the holidays I will go to Southampton and visit my best friend, two friends of mine and me we will have a sleepover over Halloween because we don’t celebrate it that big in Germany and my host family will do same day trips with me.


This is my best friend and me as she visited me! As well as a photo that my host mum took of me on one of our trips.


To be honest, England wasn’t my first choice for my exchange year. At first I wanted go to New Zealand because of the beautiful nature and because they are very good in playing hockey.

But New Zealand got canceled in June because of COVID. After this I wanted go to Canada because my brother loved it in Canada but Canada didn’t open the boarders.

Therefore, I am in England right now because I really wanted to do a year abroad. At first I thought that England would be too close to Germany.

BUT I am so happy in Brighton and with my host family and my friends! I think it is perfect for me and I am not sad that I am here.


Moreover, I got the message that I can’t go back home for Christmas but my host family said that I can stay here over Christmas and have a typical English Christmas with them!

In school I study History, Maths, Photography and all the international students have to be in an English class. Right now I am a little bit behind because I wasn’t in school for two weeks but I caught up a lot already and I will do the rest over the holidays.

After the holidays I have to write my first two exams in English.

This photo is from my photography class.