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Hello readers!

Nice to be in contact with you all again.

It’s been a while since my last article, and since life goes on everywhere, it happens the same here. The school is almost over, and it seems like I still have so much to explore in those college’s walls! April is the month of Spring, of blossoms and pleasant smells.

This year, it was also the month of Easter. It was a lovely day, with sun and funny smiles. My host mum organized me a surprise, the egg’s hunt, and even if I’m not a child anymore, there are some entertaining that don’t change with time. Every corner of the living room was covered by small balls of chocolates, and we probably haven’t got the chance yet to squash them all nicely sitting on the sofa. Then, hot cross buns and a nice walk on the hills, looking for interesting primitive shapes made of stones.


Since the weather was so enjoyable, we got the chance to cook sausages and snacks on the BBQ, fighting against the wind and the possibility of hitting someone’s faces with our flying food.

Crazy about London, me, and a friend of mine organized few trips there, having mad laughs on the streets pretending to speak a language that doesn’t actually exist.

We followed Hugh Grant’s essence till the door from Notting Hill; we visited the zoo, falling in love with cute monkey’s tails and gazes, and we got lost through the markets of Camden Town. We also had the great idea to book a ticket at the Globe, the stunning Shakespeare’s theatre, to then leave the performance at halfway because the people around us were more enjoyable than the actual show.


Lots of fun at Thorpe Park, where I saw my life running past my eyeballs and my blood changed colour due to the adrenaline.

But now I need a particular attention for what I’m about to say, because a big event happened this month: indeed, I turned eighteen! I was so excited about it, that I couldn’t even had a relaxing sleep that night. After celebrating at school with few friends, me and my host family had a lovely afternoon in the garden, with a yummy cake and candles, presents and drinks.

Then, at night, me and my host sister got ready with lots of make-up, nice dresses and perfume, to head out to meet our friends.


Talking about energy, it’s what I’d badly need for next week, since I have two performances coming soon.

We’ve been working so hard every week, and now the moment is nearly arrived. I can just imagine the enthusiastic of us, me and my classmates, lighted by different colors and accompanied by dramatic music. Us, standing there on the stage with decisive faces, and with the intention of involve the audience in a dance of emotions and touching scenes.

Yes, a little High School Musical made by humble but euphoric students.

Lots of people will leave soon, which also means touching moments and hearts broken. As everything, there’s always an ending, and each person can’t be nothing less than a happy final.

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