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High Schools International’s student advisors are beaming today with the news that one of our students, Maria Magdalena Tomas Melero (Malen for short), won several medals in swimming at the recent Leinster Swimming competition in Dublin.

Malen’s dedication is something to be admired. The tenacious young girl came over from Spain on our student exchange programme and right from the start during the application process, her intention was to live in Ireland in a region that would allow her to train. She was determined that she would continue to improve her swimming skills while studying abroad and improving her English.

One of the qualities that we at High Schools International pride ourselves in delivering is an all-round inclusive service designed to enhance the students’ wellbeing and general experience when they enter our care. We take our guardianship role very seriously so that when exchange students look to extend their education experience and study abroad, they know that HSI will do everything to provide them the ultimate learning experience.

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Therefore, when Malen’s application reached us and we were informed of her desire to study and live somewhere that would facilitate her gruelling daily schedule of 5am training sessions, we went to work. We used our extensive knowledge of Ireland to locate adequate swimming facilities, used our relationships with the schools in close proximity where she could be placed in and used our network of caring host families who would accommodate Malen’s commitment.

High Schools International are delighted that we were able to provide Malen the opportunity to pursue her goals while continuing her education in Ireland. We’re very proud of her and pleased that all her hard work is paying off as she continues practicing and competing with the Kilkenny Swimming Club and being a decorated member of Swim Ireland.

Congratulations, Malen, – just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

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