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Wow, I can’t believe I have actually been in Ireland for a month already! I have experienced so much, I don’t even know where to start!

My journey started in London on the 24th of August. I went to a welcome camp with lots of other exchange students from Europe.

London was amazing! The weather was really good and we did a lot of fun stuff.

We stayed at the university of Roehampton, but spent most of the days in London city.

We went on a boat tour in Thames River, we shopping in Oxford street, watched the ‘Wicked’ musical and went to Madame Tussauds.

This is a picture of me in front of the Beatles (starstruck!!)



Tuesday the 27th of August was the day I went to Ireland. I flew from London to Dublin and met my host family there.

They took me to their house, we had dinner and just talked for the rest of the evening.

I was so happy when I met them, because they are so nice and the house is very pretty too!

This is a picture of my room. I really like it, and I have decorated it a little bit with some pictures of my friends and family and a Beatles poster.


I started school just two days after I got here, and the first week of school was really tough to be honest. I had so much trouble getting all the subjects that I needed, and even though the teachers and the students were really nice and helpful it was a it hard being in that situation in a new school, in a foreign country.

After a week I had to change schools, because the school I went to for my first week didn’t offer all the subjects that I needed. So now I am in an all girls school which is very different and new to me, but I really like it there!

The girls are really nice, the teachers are good and the uniforms are not that bad either. Anyway, enough about school. Let’s talk about the amazing people I have met here! I met some really nice people in the first school I went to, and I still hang out with them outside of school. We all went bowling with last week, and I had so much fun!

Look at this picture from the city centre, it is so pretty!

I have met so many nice people already and it surprises me again and again how nice and friendly people are here.

I have been keeping myself busy since I got here, when I am not in school I am either at the gym or hanging out with friends.

I have even signed up for dance classes here, and I really enjoy it! I have also been to the city center a few times, and let me just tell you, Dublin is a beautiful city with great shopping and a lot of good restaurants! I went to the Climate Strike here in Dublin this week with some friends.

There were so many people marching through the city with their posters to show that they really care about our planet. I thought it was very important to participate in it myself, because it is true, there is no plan(et) B.


I am not gonna lie, I do feel homesick sometimes, because everything is still very new to me. Not all days are super good, but I mean, they wouldn’t be in Norway either.

When I get homesick I like to call my parents at home and make them tell me that nothing has changed at home and that I am actually the one making memories.

That always helps! There has been moments when I have felt like the homesickness is never gonna go away, and then, the next moment I am just really grateful for being here.

Let’s just say, I am having a good time and I know I am gonna learn so many new things about the world and myself this year…

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