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Hi and welcome to my last blog. This will be a little summary of my time here.

I can’t believe that it is already my last blog; I’m leaving in 10 days on the 14th June.

But I have to say I had such an amazing time here and it was as great as I had imagined, if not better!

My highlights of the time in the UK were definitely the people I met, and just all the time I have spend with my friends and my host family. I went with my friends three times to London, to some smaller cities around Brighton, we went in the cinema, I learned skateboarding and so on and so on. But all in all were everything I did a highlight!


Even though I had so many highlights I also had some difficulties. But these were actually only in the time as I changed the family. That was the only time I was a bit homesick but that was only for a couple of days. All in all I didn’t really have difficulties.

Obviously the lockdown was not really great but we all made the best out of it and I could still see my friends and we did enjoy the nature much more and we more often outside.

I would say that the time here changed me. I have become more spontaneous and independent. And I have learned to appreciate time with my friends more because the time here is so limited. Therefore, I have done everything with my friends because there might be not a second chance to do the things again.


All in all, I would definitely recommend doing a year abroad or even half a year. Not only because you can improve your language much better but also because you meet friends for life.

You will get to do so many great things here and learn new things, and because I had such a great time here I will miss my friends and family the most.

But also to just go out with my friends and hang out with them in town and I will miss the time in the evening with my host family.

It was amazing here!!

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