Category: 2016/17 Kim B. (Germany)

Now I’ve been in Ireland for 2 months, and I love it here like it was my first day!

I started playing Hockey for the Wicklow Hockey club but I never played it before. It is really nice and the team is so friendly and take care of me. Two times a week I go there and work out with them for an hour and a half hour.

The school is getting better and better all the time. We went out with some classes on a trip to watch a movie. It was nice. I saw more from Wicklow and did something with my friends there, but everything in my school uniform.

During my first few days it was really hard for me to find some friends, but now we are a sweet group, here is a picture of me and my new friends! They are great and are here to help me whenever I need help.

They are so lovely. I would not change a thing about coming here.


I’ve now been an exchange student in Ireland for 3 months. This week I had my Exam Week! It is very different to Germany. Here, you have to do all of your exams in one week.So I had to sit three exams in one day. I had so much to learn, but it is over. I had my exams in: Design and Communication Graphics, Economics, Physics, History, English and Maths.

Also, I found a lot more activities and hobbies to do while I’m here in Ireland. Normally I go to hockey twice a week, but now doing boxing twice a week and modern dance once a week too. I am very busy but it is really nice!

I meet up with my friends at the weekend. We either go to the sea or play football or gaelic football at the GAA-Pitch. It’s getting cold here in Ireland so I have to wrap up warm, but it’s still so pretty.

I’m so happy that I decided to take the year to study abroad. I’m going back to Germany for the Chirstmas holidays but I’ll be back in the new year. I still love it here!! ♥