Category: 2014/15 Armin O. (Czech Republic)

After four months living in the UK I realised what a privilege I have. Besides the fact that I get to live on my own, be independent and take care of important things such as setting up a bank account, I created a new family.

I didn’t get the chance to live in a host family, but I dare to say that staying in a hall of residence gives you the best experience in your student life. You not only befriend with your fellow students living there as well but you become a little family. They are the ones who help you when you feel down (which might happen, considering the burden of schoolwork you get :D), they give you support, make you laugh and help you with anything you might ever need. You spend the most of your time with these people. You walk around in a pyjamas, girls with no make-up, without being ashamed or scared they may start judging you. And you fall in love with them slowly but completely! Priceless. I can’t wait for summer nights spent outside just relaxing.

Now, I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of your body while in college. During your studies, you don’t really eat very healthy or sleep well but you should spend some time exercising because, especially during exams, you get very stressed and you might fall ill which could be quite annoying. So, get your friends to be active because your body is going to thank you. Also, not only body would appreciate it but your mind as well. Not to mention that when you exercise your body releases endorphins which are hormones of happiness!

While abroad, you really want to see places! It is very easy to pack your backpack and travel around. There are many gorgeous places in the UK which are definitely worth visiting. I personally, find the coast of England very beautiful particularly because there are very nice beaches! London is obviously spectacular but it is also quite expensive and you will probably end up doing a lot of unnecessary shopping. Therefore, I believe, going to other places as well is even better. What I especially find the best is not only seeing the places but “writing” new stories them! Go with your friends and do things you normally wouldn’t because you will have priceless memories of so many places and whenever you mention them in a regular chat you will fill with instant happiness!

The last subject I would like to talk about is your past. It is very important to realise that you have simply moved on and you must not keep yourself in nostalgia all the time because otherwise you won’t make the most out of your new life. Never forget your friends or family and what you have had but keep in mind that you have got an amazing chance to live a second life and that you are about to experience awesome new moments you will never forget about. Your friends from your country have probably moved on as well and even though they might miss you and you might miss them you now live separate lives. So don’t get stuck and focus on what you currently have.

Living abroad is the best thing which happened in my life and I am enormously grateful for it and I will never be able to actually stress how much it means to me. In only four months I realised how good I am at being independent, I learnt many life lessons, found new friends from all around the world, learned new languages, cultures and tried out new foods. It changed my life. And I just had to send my application. A few papers. Don’t hesitate and experience the best of the best! You will not regret anything.