Category: 2015/16 Klára O. (Czech Republic)

In four weeks, my year here in Great Britain will be over. I will have done all of my exams and I will be heading home. How do I feel about that? The answer to that question is a little bit more complicated. Obviously, I am really looking forward to seeing my family, meeting up with my friends and of course enjoying the summer holiday. However, I am also aware, that I will have to say goodbye to all of the friends I managed to make here and possibly never see them again.

Additionally there are still those four weeks and five exams left. I’ve already managed to pass my practical exam from drama a couple months ago and recently I’ve also done my theoretical exam from drama and research methods psychology exam. It will take some time to get the results, but I believe it went all right. In drama exam, we had to write two essays, three pages each, during an hour and a half. I found this quite difficult, as I always make spelling mistakes and my vocabulary is not as good as the vocabulary of British students, which makes it harder to express my ideas. I have no idea, if the essays I wrote were good or bad. However, I am glad, that it’s behind me now. The psychology exam was better, I think. I was able to answer all the questions, but I am sure I made a lot of stupid mistakes as always. The answers often have to follow certain formula, for example must contain context to the psychological study the question is about, which I constantly forget about. I was quite nervous before my first two exams. Especially because in my country, we get our grades based on smaller tests we do throughout the whole year, instead of having one big exam in the end, so I was not really used to being assessed this way. Now that I’ve done my first tests however, I feel a lot better and I am also more confident about my upcoming exams, as I see that is not as scary as I originally thought.

Ever since the Easter holiday, we didn’t really do many exciting things. With the exams coming closer, we had to focus on revision, so our free time has been reduced considerably. The only fun event I can think of is the celebration of my eighteenth birthday. We went to a restaurant for dinner and then we watched a film in a cinema. It was fun and I got some nice presents. We still go out after school or during the weekends, but most of the time it is for the purpose of studying together, rather then actually having fun. We often go to a café in Christchurch and revise. One Sunday, there was a food festival in Christchurch when we went there to study and all the noise and crowds made it impossible to focus. Instead we ended up tasting food at the festival, petting a huge snake somebody brought to show people and going home afterwards. This week, our study leave started, so we don’t have to attend our normal classes anymore, instead we should focus on the exams. There are still some revision classes happening to help us prepare and we can keep using the school’s library. I am also planning to do the ILETS exam. It is an English language certificate.

Yesterday, I tried to pack some of my things that I don’t need anymore, just to see whether it would fit in my suitcases. I had a hope that I could manage to return just with one big suitcase and one small one. I’ve never been so wrong in my life! After hours of packing and cleaning up, I somehow filled my big suitcase, just with the things I don’t really use. All of those shopping trips don’t seem to have been such a good idea anymore. Well, I guess I will have to send some of my stuff by post or something. Anyway, there is nothing more to say. My life has really become a lot more boring then usually.

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